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Speak Up, Make a Difference: Our Whistleblower Program

At SEGULA we prioritize transparency, integrity, and ethical conduct. Our Whistleblower Program is designed to provide a secure and confidential avenue for employees or partners to report concerns or wrongdoing within the organization. We believe every employee plays a crucial role in maintaining a positive and ethical workplace. To really shape the future together and make a positive impact we appreciate your eyes and ears to support. Our ambition is to create a responsive whistleblower system that promotes proximity between the organization and the people interacting with it.

If you have witnessed or suspect any unethical behaviour, fraud or any other serious misconduct, we encourage you to come forward and speak up. Your voice matters, and your commitment to upholding our values contributes to the well-being of our entire community.

Rest assured, your report will be treated with the utmost confidentiality, and there will be no retaliation for reporting in good faith. We are dedicated to fostering an environment where openness and accountability thrive.

Who can blow the whistle?
You can blow the whistle if you are an employee, volunteer, intern, active shareholder, person otherwise available for work under our control and management, or part of our administrative, executive, or supervisory bodies. Subcontractors and suppliers who have become aware of misconduct can also report.
What can be reported?
• Theft or vandalism
• Bribes or corruption
• Data breaches
• Improper or unauthorized use of company assets, funds, or information
• Unsafe working conditions or practices that pose a threat to the well-being of employees
• Serious forms of harassment, discrimination, or unfair treatment within the workplace
• Financial crimes (such as false accounting, violation of internal control procedures, or embezzlement)
• Actions that harm the environment or violate environmental regulations
• Serious misconduct affecting SEGULAs vital interests

Violations of various laws and regulations with an EU legal basis, such as public procurement, product safety, environmental protection, etc., are also covered. Information solely related to your personal work situation, such as dissatisfaction with salary or similar matters, generally does not constitute a whistleblower case and should not be reported through the service.
To submit a report, please use the secure and anonymous reporting system provided below. Thank you for your commitment to maintaining a culture of integrity at SEGULA.

Complaints channel

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